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Juice Plus+ has over 45 organic fruits and vegetables compressed into three product types; Capsules, Chewables and the Complete Shake. The consumption of Juice Plus+ compensates for the 6 to 7 servings of fruits and vegetables which should be consumed daily. The only company backed by the medical profession as physicians recommend and distribute the product to their patients. Many patients who have hypertension, high cholesterol, are diabetic(Type I and II), overweight and cancer survivors have seen significant improvement in their health when taking Juice Plus+. Grapefruit is not used in Juice Plus+ as it promotes a negative effect for patients on high blood pressure medication. The company owns their own farms to make sure no pesticides, chemicals, preservatives or GMO's are being used. Juice Plus+ ships their products on their own trucks; so there is not any cross contamination and it remains organic. Our products are whole food nutrition,  NOT supplements. The human body disposes around 90% of supplements as there are not any nutrients in them which benefit the body. Juice Plus+ is food! Children are able to receive the product for free. Juice Plus+ is partnered with St. Jude Hospital, Boys and Girls Club, Volunteers of America, the USA Volleyball teams and many other charitable organizations.

Enough about the company; here is why I love the products! I personally take Juice Plus+ and have been doing so for two years now along with my daughter. My journey began with the company when my daughter suffered severely from migraines.  I was opposed to her taking medications with high caffeine content as her pediatrician had recommended. After five months of taking the children chewable, she no longer suffers from them.  As I began taking the products, I noticed an improvement in my skin, no more knee pain or arthritic pain in my hands which I had suffered from since I was 28. And this is why I joined the Juice Plus+ family. I take the Complete Shake as my recovery drink after each workout and I take the Trio of Chewables and the Omega.  I have recently purchased a Tower Garden to begin growing vegetables and herbs! Follow my Tower Garden experience along with smoothie recipes, health and exercise tips on social media. And for more information, go to or click the button on the left.